Contributing to the local community

Contributing to Shibuya

As a special corporate member of Future Design Shibuya, General Incorporated Association, we are collaborating to realize design that solves social issues through open innovation based on the ideas of the many people that gather in Shibuya.
Social Innovation Week Shibuya, an event supported by Future Design Shibuya, was held for a second time in September 2019. This event considers various possible urban futures. We participated as a gold partner and held a talk session on the subject of "future communication realized through technology and design."

Social Innovation Week Shibuya

Regional revitalization

We are contributing to revitalizing regional areas through our government-managed betting sports business. We made Chariloto Co., Ltd. a subsidiary and entered the Keirin business. Keirin races are organized by local governments and held at stadiums in each region. Event proceeds are a source of revenue for these local governments, which leads to a huge contribution to improving each region's financial situation, including funding school constructions and road maintenance.
In February 2020, Chariloto was selected as the business operator for the Tamano Keirin Stadium Redevelopment Project planned by Tamano City in Okayama Prefecture and it has taken over management of the Keirin stadium and a hotel. There are high expectations that government-managed betting sports and surrounding facilities will revitalize regional economies. Going forward, we will strive to work with local governments to energize regions and create new growth.

Tamano Keirin Stadium (projection of the completed stadium after redevelopment)