Encouraging diversity

People with disabilities

As a company that values diversity, mixi Group considers the creation of employment opportunities for people with disabilities as one of our social responsibilities. In October 2017, we established mixi empowerment, Inc. as a special subsidiary to help fulfill this duty.
The company also values the independence and autonomy of employees, and leaders are selected from employees with disabilities and are entrusted with allocating duties and managing progress.
Indispensable to the Group, mixi empowerment is responsible for vital tasks, such as data creation and entry, back office support, and conducting surveys and quality assurance work during app development. It will continue to help improve the Group's services, expand our business areas, and enhance our corporate value.

Leaders are selected from employees with disabilities and carry out duties independently and autonomously.


In December 2016, we revised company regulations so that employees in a common-law marriage or same-sex partnership are entitled to the same benefits as employees who are legally married. As the first company in Japan to do this, we are working to build a comfortable working environment where communication is based on respect for individuality and diversity.

Nijihachi was created by mixi to coincide with Tokyo Rainbow Pride, Japan's largest LGBT event. The character can be freely used by anyone.