Nurturing and supporting the next generation

Developing the next generations

Stemming from the desire to give students a chance to think about their career and inspire interest in the IT industry, we began facilitating company visits from students.

Visiting Students in FY2019: 55 schools, 373 students

Lecture TitleDescriptionTarget AudienceLocationLength
Working in the IT Industry This program gives participants a deeper understanding of what it's like to work in the IT industry. It gives a simple explanation of the variety of sectors and businesses within the industry, and what jobs are involved in preparing a service (such as a game) for release.

Middle and high school students who have been approved for off-campus studies

mixi Group Office

Around 60 to 90 minutes
Engineering and Programming This program gives participants a deeper understanding of programming and engineering as a job. A real engineer will give a simple explanation of how they use programming to turn ideas for services and features into reality.
(XFLAG Academy) The Design and Operation of Monster Strike At XFLAG Academy, the people in charge of the smartphone app Monster Strike will talk about their jobs and their daily tasks. Before this program, please decide if you'd like to learn about planning or design. For more information, click here.
The Development and Operation of the Social Network mixi The team that develops and operates the social network mixi will give a presentation. *The content of this program can be changed to suit the visiting group's needs. Please contact us for more information.
Safe Internet and Smartphone Use This program gives participants a deeper understanding of how to safely use social networks and socialize on their phones. Participants will see examples of how to avoid online trouble, learn appropriate ways to enjoy their phone, and understand the knowledge and mindset necessary for properly using their mobile device.

Programming Education Support

As of June 2019, mixi is a member of the Kids VALLEY Future Learning Project, where we help enrich the programming education of elementary and middle schools in the Shibuya Ward and create a foundation for the large next generation of IT professionals from Shibuya.

Results for FY2020:
Shibuya's Hachiyama Middle School places high importance on math and science. We held a series of programming courses for this school's interested first- to third-year students.