Initiatives for a Healthier mixi

Monitoring Misconduct

For our smartphone apps, including Monster Strike, we are taking strict action such as account suspensions against those that try to gain an unfair advantage, such as obtaining items/characters or falsifying data through the use of third-party tools.
We have also taken steps to ensure a fair experience for all our users, such as improving game functionality through updates.

Patrol System

We monitor our services to ensure the safety and security of our users and protect them from users and communication that violate our terms of service. We have risk checks such as keyword detection for post content in place for troublesome behavior, including the inconsiderate, continuous contact of other users.

Protecting the Youth

At mixi, we aim to provide an environment where children can safely use their online devices to browse the Internet and social media and grow through online communication with society and others. It's also important for families to set ground rules and discuss these rules with their children to best ensure their online safety.

We've separated areas into sections for the youth (for ages 15-17) and adults (ages 18+) to ensure the safety of children of different ages and levels of maturity. This helps prevent communication risks that may occur when a child who hasn't had the opportunity to develop their social skills enters a communication zone used by adults.