Company Information

Q. When was your company founded?
A. We founded our company on June 3, 1999.
Q. When did mixi, Inc. go public?
A. We were listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers Section on September 14, 2006. We were promoted to the First Section on June 23, 2020.
Q. Do you have any subsidiaries?
A. You can find out more about our subsidiaries in article 1 (Company Information) section 3
(Subsidiary Companies) of our latest securities report (Japanese only).

Financial Information

Q. Where can I find documents on your performance?
A. For performance information, refer to our website's Financial Highlights section. For detailed information, visit our IR Library section.
Q. When does your fiscal year end, and when do you announce your financial results?
A. The Japanese fiscal year ends on March 31 of each year. However, we also announce our quarterly results. Please refer to the IR Calendar to check the schedule for upcoming financial results announcements.
Q. Can I view the videos of your financial results briefings?
A. For videos of performance briefings, click here.

Stock Information

Q. What is your stock code?
A. Our stock code is 2121.
Q. What was your initial public trading price?
A. It was 2.95 million yen.
Q. What is your current stock price?
A. To check our current stock price, click here.
Q. Are your stock prices listed in newspaper stock columns?
A. Our stocks are listed under the "TSE First Section" stocks.
Q. What is the minimum trading amount of your shares?
A. Our minimum trading unit is 100 shares.
Q. Who manages your shareholder registry?
A. Our shareholder registry administrator is Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank.

Business Description

Q. What kind of businesses do you operate?
A. We manage the social networking service mixi and the hunting action RPG Monster Strike, among others. For more information about our businesses, click here.