President and Representative Director Hiroki Morita

President and Representative DirectorHiroki Morita
Hiroki Morita joined mixi, Inc. in November 2008, and was responsible for launching the mixi app. He was subsequently appointed Director and Vice President at Grenge, Inc., a joint venture between CyberAgent and mixi, where he promoted mixi Game. Morita was appointed a Corporate Officer at mixi in January 2013 and, starting in November 2013, was responsible for the mixi SNS business as the General Manager of the mixi business division, as well as supervising the creation and expansion of Monster Strike as the Executive Producer for the Monster Strike Studio. He became the Representative Director and President of mixi, Inc. in June 2014.
Prior to joining mixi, Morita worked at NetVillage Co., Ltd. (now fonfun Corporation), where he was involved in developing and operating mobile content (for the official website) as well as producing console games.

Director Yasuhiro Ogino

DirectorYasuhiro Ogino
Yasuhiro Ogino joined mixi Inc. in December 2009, and he was in charge of things such as acquisitions, joint ventures, and general investments (strategic investment and net investment). In November 2011, he was made the head of mixi's Corporate Development Department, and he was appointed to the board of directors in June 2012.
Prior to joining mixi, he joined Macromill Co., Ltd. in 2005, where he served as the executive director in charge of Macromill's Finance and Accounting Department and engaged in general finance (finance, accounting, IR) activities that involved companies listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. In 2008, he joined J-Magic Co., Ltd. and was appointed to the position of CFO.

Director Koki Kimura

DirectorKoki Kimura
Koki Kimura joined mixi Inc. in 2008. At mixi's Game Department, he was in charge of planning a number of communication games such as "Sunshine Ranch." Following that, he helped launch the Monster Strike Project. He was made a corporate officer in January 2015 and appointed to the board of directors in June of the same year.
Prior to joining mixi, he worked for companies such as an electrical equipment company and a mobile content company.

Director Kosuke Taru

DirectorKosuke Taru
Kosuke Taru joined mixi Inc. in February 2014, where he was engaged in planning and operating Monster Strike at Monster Strike Studio (now XFLAG Studio). In January 2015, he was made head of the studio. Since April 2017, he has been in charge of all departments related to Monster Strike as the head of the Monster Strike Business Division at XFLAG Studio. He was appointed to the board of directors in June 2017.
Prior to joining mixi, he worked for companies such as Livedoor Co., Ltd. (now Line Corp.) and a mobile content company.

Founder and Chairperson Kenji Kasahara

Founder and ChairpersonKenji Kasahara
When Kenji Kasahara was a university student in 1997, he was greatly inspired by the IT business case studies he studied in seminars and the rise of online businesses in Silicon Valley. Sensing an opportunity, he started a recruitment website called "Find Job!" in November 1997. In June 1999, he incorporated the company and became its representative director. Following that, he launched the social networking service "mixi" in February 2004. In February 2006, the company name was changed to "mixi, Inc." and it was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange's Mothers market in September of the same year.
Kasahara was made chairman of the board of directors in June 2013.

Outside DirectorTatsuya Aoyagi

Outside DirectorSatoshi Shima

Outside Audit and Supervisory Board MemberTakako Kato

Outside Audit and Supervisory Board MemberTakayuki Sato

Outside Audit and Supervisory Board MemberHiroyuki Wakamatsu