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      mixi, Inc.
      President and Representative
      Corporate Officer
      Koki Kimura

      Under my leadership as the new CEO of mixi Group, we will reorganize our management structure and aim to achieve further growth.

      Our management policy will revolve around selection and concentration. We plan to focus on communication services, building upon our success with social networks and battle-fueled entertainment uniting family and friends.

      We would also like to express our deepest apologies for the trouble caused by our consolidated subsidiary. Continued revision of the structure of the entire group and improvement of corporate governance are steps we will take to restore the public's trust.

      In modern society, development of the internet has at times led to a decrease in direct communication between people. We at mixi Group strive to find the solution for this and other societal problems through our communication services, aiming at growth that only we can achieve. Your support in this endeavor would be greatly appreciated.

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