mixi, Inc.


Connection with meaning.

Rather than merely providing efficient means to connect people, MIXI aims to inspire deeper, richer connections through the sharing of joy, excitement, and warmth.
The new MIXI will continue to create places and opportunities for meaningful connection, bringing delight and wonder to the world through authentic emotions and vibrant communication.


Enriching communication and inspiring moments of joy.

Since our founding, we have maintained this singular purpose and we intend to deepen our commitment to it moving forward.
Rather than focus on increasing the quantity and frequency of communication, we strive to promote deep and meaningful connection. Through this endeavor, we believe we can inspire the creation of more moments of joy in the world.


To provide space and opportunity for truly meaningful connections.

Simply connecting people is not enough to fulfill our purpose. We must enable the building of deep emotional ties.
We achieve this by providing both fun and exciting content that inspires communication, as well as the space and opportunity to connect meaningfully with friends and family around the world.


User surprise first.

To accomplish our mission, we will continue to focus on user surprise above all else.
Before prioritizing a user-first approach, marketing concerns, or even our own interests, we start with the question, “Would this be a pleasant surprise?”
This consideration applies to everything from production to management-level decisions.


  • Innovation

    Be bold. Forge a new path and shatter expectations.

  • Passion

    Start from the heart. Share aspirations and grow together.

  • Integrity

    Stay sincere. Be honest with yourself and others.


President and Representative Director Koki Kimura

Under our new corporate branding, we will enrich the quality of communication in society through our services.

Having set our sights on achieving new growth, we have updated our corporate branding.

With the wealth of experience we have gained over the years through communication service operation, we have reevaluated what we consider truly important in our services. The conclusion that we came to was that our services should not only create connections between devices, but also create meaningful connections between people.

In the fields of social networking, games, and sports, we have always aimed to create services that allow users to not only share information, but also their thoughts and feelings. Through communication that connects people’s hearts, we intend to fill the world with delightful surprises.

Starting with a focus on entertainment, we will be aiming at the goal outlined in our medium-term management policy: enriching global communication through the combination of entertainment and technology. To reach even greater heights, we will capitalize on a mix of burgeoning technologies, such as AI-based imaging techniques, cryptocurrency, and NFTs, plus our expertise in how to make sports and games as fun and exciting as they can be.

April 2022
President and Representative DirectorKoki Kimura