MIXI, Inc.


We will contribute to the enrichment of society through the creation of communication services that connect hearts and minds.

 MIXI has continually developed and offered services with the vision of enriching lives and the future by improving communication and forging connections between friends, family, and people who share common interests.
 Technological innovations have made many aspects of our lives more convenient. However, as individuals find themselves surrounded more and more by information that has been specifically optimized for them, we are increasingly seeing discussions about our society becoming more divided, isolating, and fraught with anxiety. Against this backdrop, it is no wonder the proper role and meaning of communication is in question.

 We intend to foster inspiration and empathy by connecting people's hearts and minds through communicationーwhether online or offlineーwhile striving towards a future brimming with fun and opportunity. Towards this end, we will continue to innovate in the tech world and provide reliable services that create spaces and opportunities for enjoyable communication to take place. Also, continuous dialogue with our users, local communities, and stakeholders will be integral as we do our utmost to contribute to the creation of a sustainably prosperous world through our business activities.


Considering the impact on our corporate activities and stakeholders, we have established eight materialities as themes that we will implement throughout our corporate activities. As a company that produces communication services, we will create connections among people, communities, and society, and promote innovation as a source of creating value, while at the same time making sincere efforts to operate reliable services. We will also promote the reinforcement and improvement of our management foundation in terms of information security and privacy, the activities of our diverse human resources, and governance.