MIXI, Inc.


For the first half of the current fiscal year (April-September 2023), net sales were 63.9 billion yen (down 2.7% YoY), EBITDA (operating income before amortization) was 5.9 billion yen (down 55.9% YoY), operating income was 3.8 billion yen (down 66.1% YoY), and profit attributable to owners of parent was 2.2 billion yen (up 14.8% YoY).

The Sports segment saw a year-on-year net sales increase to 15 billion yen. In our spectator sports businesses, sales increased due to the Chiba Jets’ rank as championship runners-up and the recovery of F.C.TOKYO’s spectator rates. In our publicly-managed betting sports businesses, there was a steady rise in online betting ticket sales for Chariloto Co., Ltd. as well as for our multiplayer sports betting service TIPSTAR.

In the Lifestyle segment, FamilyAlbum net sales increased year-on-year to 4.5 billion yen thanks to favorable performance of our print service and gift services.

In the Digital Entertainment segment, MONSTER STRIKE’s MAU (monthly active users) increased thanks to measures such as those for the 10th anniversary. However, due to collaborations with major IPs during the same period in the previous year, ARPU (average revenue per user) was relatively low with net sales decreasing year-on-year to 43 billion yen.

In the Investment segment, we saw results from funds we invested in and sold off shares held within our consolidated subsidiaries, which resulted in net sales of 1.1 billion yen, a year-on-year decrease.

Currently, we are focusing our efforts on three areas: social betting, FamilyAlbum, and the MONSTER STRIKE economic sphere.

Regarding social betting in the Sports segment, we aim to innovate and refine the features of TIPSTAR in order to distinguish our service. In addition, we will strengthen our search for overseas betting markets with greater potential than the domestic market.

As for FamilyAlbum in the Lifestyle segment, we see great potential for business growth overseas. We will promote the establishment of domestic and overseas monetization measures while also focusing on acquiring overseas users.

In the Digital Entertainment segment, we plan to continue nurturing the MONSTER STRIKE IP in order to expand the MONSTER STRIKE economic sphere. Meanwhile, we will consider the condition of each MONSTER STRIKE Series title in order to select and focus our efforts. In addition, we are currently acquiring knowledge through startup investments in India and are seeking to develop businesses in areas such as emerging markets.

The results for the first half of the fiscal year showed that both sales and profit were slightly higher than projected, especially in the Digital Entertainment segment; however, we have made no changes to our results forecast. Our interim dividend was 55 yen per share, and there has been no change from the initial dividend forecast of 55 yen per share for the year-end dividend.

This year marked the 10th anniversary of MONSTER STRIKE, and in October 2023, the cumulative number of users exceeded 61 million worldwide while cumulative sales exceeded 1.3 trillion yen. We are grateful to each and every user who helped us achieve these milestones. We believe that the various measures taken for the 10th anniversary embody our policy of “user surprise first” and that we have solidified our position as a top brand. While maintaining and expanding MONSTER STRIKE as a main revenue stream, we will continue to create spaces and opportunities for hearts and minds to connect by creating our second and third pillars of business.

On behalf of everyone at MIXI, Inc., I’d like to thank you for your continued support.

President, Representative Director, Senior Corporate Officer, CEO Koki Kimura