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Material issue information (evaluation indicators and performance)

Eight material issues (focus themes)

Considering the impact on our corporate activities and stakeholders, we have referenced SDGs and the Global Risks Report to establish eight material issues as themes to implement throughout our corporate activities.

Materialities MIXI Initiatives Related SDGs
Creation of spaces and opportunities for communication
Communication is one of the values our company was founded on and, through the provision of communication services, we strive to solve various social issues such as isolation.
Promotion of
We strive to develop products and services that not only innovate in the field of technology but promote positive cultural changes in society.
Diversity, equity, and inclusion
We believe that our human resources are our greatest asset. We strive to create a comfortable work environment for our employees, recruit diverse talents, and help develop their skills so that they can express their individuality and play active roles in the company.
Mutual prosperity with
local communities
Through various corporate and social initiatives, we will contribute to the economic, educational, and cultural revitalization of regions, and work toward mutual growth and development alongside residents.
Operation of wholesome
IT services
Operating our services in a manner that protects underage users and prevents cybercrimes, money laundering, and other criminal activity is a responsibility we take very seriously.
Safe and secure operation of sporting and other events
We ensure the safety and security of our operations by aligning with industry regulations and taking appropriate measures to prevent terrorism, violence, and crime.
Information security
and privacy
To ensure the long-term peace of mind of our users, we have taken the initiative against cyber-attacks and data leaks through the implementation of appropriate information management practices.
Strengthening of governance
We will strive to realize highly reliable and transparent management for our shareholders, users, employees, and other stakeholders.In addition, we strive to stay prepared through measures such as BCP maintenance so we are able to continue providing our services even in the event of an emergency.

Approach to material issues

We organize our material issues into three categories and establish evaluation indicators for each material issue to promote various activities.

As a company that continually strives to enrich communication, we place “creation of spaces and opportunities for communication” as the outcome of our activities. To achieve this, we regard “promotion of innovation” as the most important output, and regard four material issues, one of which being “operation of wholesome IT services”, as the foundation of our company. We will work diligently on each material issue to create more spaces and opportunities for communication, as well as strive to strengthen and improve our management base.

Evaluation indicators and performance of material issues

We set evaluation indicators for each material issue and continuously monitor the performance and progress of the initiatives*. The Chief Sustainability Officer reports to the Board of Directors once every three months.

Material Issue Evaluation Indicators and Results
Creation of Spaces and Opportunities for Communication
■ Evaluation Indicators
The annual average number of monthly active users for products offered by MIXI and the total number of visitors to games and events managed by MIXI Group companies

■FY2024 Results*
Promotion of Innovation
■Evaluation Indicators - We provide services that meet the following criteria
▪ Market impact (a significant impact that will “revamp culture” by providing the service)
▪Customer engagement (building outstanding customer engagement through the service)
■FY2024 Results*

■Evaluation Indicators

• Development for the transition to new business processes and infrastructure
• Initiatives for infrastructure development
• Development of new technology platforms
• Shortening product development cycles
• Resolutions of technological problems and breakthroughs
• Introduction of reproducible measures in terms of network effect

• Number of patent applications
• Number of registered patents

■ FY2024 Results

4 items
• Introduced GitHub Copilot (code completion AI)
• Developed and introduced Chat-M, an internal resource for AI text generation
• Introduced MIXI M 3-D Secure (PCI 3DS-compliant, MIXI M)
• Developed an auto-tracking camera for figure skating (utilizing indoor positioning and AI image analysis technology) (Japanese only)

• Number of patent applications: 203
• Number of registered patents: 160
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
■Evaluation Indicators and FY2024 Results (as of March 31, 2024)
Human Capital Management *MIXI non-consolidated results and targets below
• Engagement score from organizational surveys: 72% (FY25 goal: over 75%)
• Percentage of women in management: 17.6% (FY25 year-end goal: over 17%)
• Percentage of non-Japanese workers in management: 2.0%
• Percentage of men who take parental leave: 37.5%
• Percentage of men who return after parental leave: 100%
Note: The FY25 budget for training and self-development expenses per employee is 97,271 yen for the whole fiscal year (21,184 yen higher than the previous year).

Health Management
We have acquired the following certifications for two consecutive years.
• Silver rating for excellent employee health (Tokyo Federation of the National Federation of Health Insurance Societies)
• Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations Recognition Program 2024 (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)

Nurturing the Next Generation (full-year cumulative total)
・Number of middle and high school students who visited the company: 64 schools, 96 hours, 656 participants

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Mutual Prosperity With Local Communities
■Evaluation Indicators and FY2024 Results (full-year cumulative total)
• Kids VALLEY: 60 days, 173 hours, 927 participants
• Programming Summer Camp: 2 days, 6 hours, 50 participants
• Support for Shibuya club activities: 28 days, 56 hours, 32 participants
• Educational support for private junior high schools in Shibuya: 14 days, 26 hours, 351 participants

 Number of community contribution activities: 787  

 Number of community contribution activities: 108

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Operation of Wholesome IT Services
■Evaluation Indicators
Awareness Activities and Response to Misconduct
• Providing lectures on information ethics to schools and municipalities
• Handling of account suspension for smartphone games
• Handling of gambling dependency for TIPSTAR
• Inquiries from investigative agencies
• Cancellation of contracts for minors
■FY2024 Results*

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Safe and Secure Operation of Sporting and Other Events
■Evaluation Indicators
Safe and Secure Operation of Events
MIXI: Visitor management through our own ticket sales site, MONST TICKET, as well as other measures
FC TOKYO: Games are held in accordance with “J.League Manners & Rules for Spectators” and “FC TOKYO Match Management Regulations”
CHIBAJETS: Games are held in accordance with “B.LEAGUE Manners and Rules for Spectators” and “CHIBAJETS Official Manners and Rules for Spectators”
■FY2024 Results*

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Information Security and Privacy
■Evaluation Indicators and FY2024 Results (full-year cumulative total)
Information security training – number of attendees: 1,209/1,209 attendees (100% participation rate, as of March 31, 2024)
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Strengthening of Governance
■Evaluation Indicators and FY2024 Results (full-year cumulative total) Compliance
• Number of serious noncompliance cases: 0
• Compliance training (as of March 31, 2024)
 Number of attendees: 1,209/1,209 attendees (100% participation rate)

Evaluation by an External Evaluation Agency (as of March 2024)
・received an “A” evaluation by MSCI

Corporate Governance
・ Percentage of female directors: 14.3%, percentage of outside directors: 42.9%, percentage of independent directors: 42.9% 

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*Evaluation indicators and results, specific initiatives, etc., are set for the purpose of understanding progress within the Group and for considering future measures and policies. As a result, only certain evaluation indicators and results are shown on this page, while others remain undisclosed.

Other Important Themes

Important Themes MIXI Initiatives Related SDGs
TCFD and the
We strive to reduce our environmental impact to help prevent climate change. In support of the TCFD’s recommendations, we also seek to collect climate change-related information, promote related initiatives, and disclose information in an appropriate manner.