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With the development of AI and the IoT, many industries now require IT professionals, and it is expected that there will be a considerable shortage of them in the future. Against this backdrop, the BIT VALLEY project was launched by four IT companies * based in Shibuya, Japan in July 2018. With the vision of “transcending corporate boundaries to encourage the development of Japan’s IT industry,” the companies are engaging in activities via the project to foster IT talent and raise the standard of the skills of those involved in creating IT-related products and services.
In 2018, the first year of the project, the companies held a technology conference for working adults. In 2019 we expanded the range of activities and the targeted age range, offering support for startups and launching Kids VALLEY, a programming class aimed at elementary and junior high school students. In 2020 we also began working together to employ IT professionals, and in 2021 we launched a new project titled Youth Valley to support the career development of senior high school students.
Held as an online conference, BIT VALLEY 2021 carries the theme of “Changing Work Styles and Culture, Changing Technology,” and will run between July and November 2021. The conference offers participants throughout Japan an opportunity to explore topics such as future work styles and the use of new technologies.
Through BIT VALLEY, MIXI Group supports the Japanese IT industry so that it can reach the next level of development by engaging in activities that target a wide range of ages, from elementary school students to adults.

CyberAgent Inc., DeNA Co., Ltd., GMO Internet, Inc., MIXI, Inc.

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