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Initiatives for a Healthier MIXI

Monitoring Misconduct

Anti-cheating system flowchart
Anti-cheating system flowchart

We have appointed several of our specialist engineers to monitor our systems and check thoroughly for any misconduct. For our smartphone apps, including Monster Strike, we are taking strict action such as account suspensions against those that try to gain an unfair advantage, such as obtaining items/characters or falsifying data through the use of third-party tools. We have also taken steps to ensure a fair experience for all our users, such as improving game functionality through updates.

“Cheating” refers to the act of manipulating a game or program in order to perform actions impossible through legitimate usage, such as using unauthorized methods to increase in-game currencies or the number of rare items they possess, or rapidly raise the levels of their characters. (Definition from the official website of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department)

Patrol System

We monitor our services to ensure the safety and security of our users and protect them from users and communication that violate our terms of service. We have risk checks such as keyword detection for post content in place for troublesome behavior, including the inconsiderate, continuous contact of other users.

Protecting the Youth

Protecting the Youth

At MIXI, we aim to provide an environment where children can safely use their online devices to browse the Internet and social media and grow through online communication with society and others. It’s also important for families to set ground rules and discuss these rules with their children to best ensure their online safety.

We’ve separated areas into sections for the youth (for ages 15-17) and adults (ages 18+) to ensure the safety of children of different ages and levels of maturity. This helps prevent communication risks that may occur when a child who hasn’t had the opportunity to develop their social skills enters a communication zone used by adults.

Preventing Users Under 20 from Racking up Charges in Games

Incidents are occurring where young people are using their parents’ credit cards or other payment methods without permission to purchase in-game items. Within these have also been cases where large charges are being incurred while parents are unaware. To prevent anyone under 20 years old from spending excessive amounts of money in games, we have established a maximum monthly spending limit of ¥5,000 for minors up to 15 years of age, and a limit of ¥20,000 for people between 16 and 19 years of age. We are also cooperating with industry associations to conduct seminars to nurture information ethics instructors who work to raise awareness of how to play games safely. During the seminars, we explain to parents the importance of using parental control functions such as those that are provided by the operating system.

Preventing Video Game Addiction

The World Health Organization (WHO) has officially approved “Gaming Disorder” to be included as an entry in the International Classification of Diseases, effective January 2022. The disorder is characterized by excessive game playing that has a negative impact on a person’s life. Against this background, MIXI Group is working together with the Japan Online Game Association (JOGA) to create a website that explains how to play games in appropriate moderation, as well as guidelines that outline how to engage in planning, development, and operation for safe and secure games.

Preventing Gambling Addiction

Gambling addiction can not only cause significant harm to a person’s and their family’s life at home and within society, but can also lead to serious societal problems including crime and the accrual of multiple debts. In accordance with Japan’s Basic Act on Countermeasures Against Gambling Addiction, MIXI Group has provided warnings, an inquiry service, and a self-check tool on the websites of Chariloto and TIPSTAR. We accept requests for service suspension from the user as well as the user’s family. Upon completion of written confirmation or the like as determined by us, we may suspend the use of deposit, withdrawal, betting, and other services. Furthermore, the user can set a limit on the amount of money they can spend on betting tickets bought through the service in advance, ensuring that they can enjoy the service within a reasonable range for their play style.

As part of our own initiatives, we are also conducting seminars with the help of external experts to deepen understanding of gambling addiction for our employees who are involved in app planning, development, and operation. We will continue to cooperate closely with external expert organizations to implement countermeasures when appropriate and create a framework where users can enjoy purchasing betting tickets in a healthy manner.