MIXI, Inc.


Creating spaces and opportunities for communication at sporting events

In addition to operating professional sports teams such as the Chiba Jets Funabashi and F.C.Tokyo, MIXI Group strives to provide services that allow friends and fans to easily connect and enjoy watching games together.
As a tech company, we naturally put a lot of thought into the online spaces that our services provide, but we also understand the importance of offline spaces and face-to-face communication. By leveraging our technological prowess, we will create more opportunities for quality communication at sporting events.

Fansta—an online service for finding places to watch sports with friends

Fansta, in cooperation with sports streaming and on-demand service DAZN, is a service that helps users find places where they can watch sports together. Users can search not only by area, but also by broadcast schedule. Under the motto of “on game day, the bar is our stadium”, fans who can’t make it to the stadium can still support their team in the company of friends and fellow fans.

Official Fansta website

Business alliance with HUB provides opportunities for communication in offline spaces

In March 2021, we signed a business alliance agreement with HUB CO., LTD., which operates more than 100 locations nationwide. Sports fans can gather with their friends at nearby HUB locations listed on Fansta and enjoy the excitement of sports together, even if they can’t make it to the stadium.

Initiatives at F.C.Tokyo

F.C.Tokyo, operated by MIXI Group’s Tokyo Football Club Co., Ltd., also works to make sure fans who can’t get tickets still feel connected through offline events they can enjoy with friends and family. Fans can also share in the excitement before and after games with online events including live streams.

Ao-Aka Park

Ao-Aka Park offers a variety of free soccer events, delicious food, and drinks that anyone can enjoy, even if they don’t have a ticket for the game. Events are held at Ajipen Plaza and Ajipanda Plaza at Ajinomoto Stadium, with various soccer-related attractions for both children and adults. Stage events are also held for some matches, offering a variety of ways for visitors to enjoy themselves.

Ao-Aka Park Online

“Ao-Aka Park Online Before The Match / After The Match” (presented by Mecha Comic) is a program available live before and after J1 League away games on the official F.C.Tokyo YouTube channel. Fans and supporters watching F.C.Tokyo matches online can share their passion and excitement before and after the match by sending questions and comments in real time in the YouTube chat.

Official F.C.Tokyo YouTube channel