MIXI, Inc.


Innovation in auto-tracking camera systems

Since entering the sports industry in 2019, MIXI has been making technological innovations in various sports-related businesses leveraging our accumulated expertise. Examples include the commercial use of acquired local 5G wireless station licenses and AI-based production of race streams for publicly-managed betting sports. 
We developed an auto-tracking camera system and have been operating it at Kanku Ice Arena since February 2024. This system uses an indoor positioning system (IPS) together with AI image analysis technology, which provides athletes with data they can use to improve their competitive performance. Through future applications of this technology, we will contribute to the improvement of athletic performance and the creation of new viewing experiences for various sports.

Auto-tracking camera system installed in Kanku Ice Arena

In recent years, we have been working on the development of technology utilizing IPS. We have implemented this technology in race streaming for publicly-managed betting sports to provide a spectator experience that feels similar to watching in person. This location tracking technology can also be applied to many other sporting events.

A new initiative using this technology is the IPS we installed in Kanku Ice Arena which has been used to create an auto-tracking camera system for the space. The system consists of 16 locators (location antennas) installed in the arena, which assess the location of athletes wearing location tags. In addition, a PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) camera tracks and films an athlete while they are skating, and AI analysis of the footage is performed in real time to predict their next move. Accurate automatic filming is able to be achieved by this combination of location tracking and AI image analysis. This technology is capable of detecting the fast, complex movements of athletes and can automatically track and capture footage of a specific athlete even when others are skating in the same rink.

This technology has made it easier for up-and-coming figure skaters who train at Kanku Ice Arena to analyze their own performance. The captured video displays information on the athlete’s location, path of movement, and speed, allowing the athlete to review such data.
Our IPS is also used in Kanku Ice Arena’s tracking camera system (made by the company Qoncept).

Footage of training taken by the auto-tracking camera system

System Overview

1) Consists of 16 locators (location antennas) installed in the arena, which assess the location of athletes wearing location tags
2) PTZ camera automatically tracks athletes and films based on the location information obtained
3) Footage can be viewed on site, allowing athletes to review their performance immediately