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Initiatives at Chiba Jets Funabashi

The Chiba Jets Funabashi (operated by MIXI Group’s Chiba Jets Funabashi Co., Ltd.) strives to ensure a safe and secure environment for game viewing so that spectators can have a great arena experience.

B.LEAGUE Manners and Rules for Spectators

Chiba Jets Funabashi asks for the cooperation of all spectators regarding bag checks at the entrance and prohibited acts while watching the game, in accordance with the B.LEAGUE’s Manners and Rules for Spectators.

Please refer to the following page for more information.


Prohibited items• Dangerous items such as fireworks and firearms
• Musical instruments such as drums, horns, whistles, and trumpets
• Pets (except guide dogs, hearing dogs, etc.)

Bags will be subject to inspection at the entrance
Manners when showing support• No unapproved banners, large flags, or anything displaying discriminatory or insulting content
• No statements or actions that are deemed socially unacceptable
• Banners must be approved and placed in areas that do not interfere with spectator activities or game management
Spectating rules• Spectators may not place objects in the aisles, nor stand in the aisles to watch or cheer
• Throwing objects onto the court is prohibited
• Spectators may not enter the court without permission
SmokingSmoking is prohibited in seating areas and anywhere except designated smoking areas.
Taking photos/videos during the match• In order to protect players’ likeness and rights, photos and videos of up to 15 seconds are permitted during the match for personal use only
• No flash photography
CautionSpectators in courtside seats should stay aware of their surroundings as basketballs and players may fly into the seating area at high speeds

Chiba Jets Official Manners and Rules for Spectators

 In an effort to improve safety and security at matches, we have established our own rules in addition to the B.LEAGUE Manners and Rules for Spectators. These rules include asking spectators to leave the venue or prohibiting entry in the case of prohibited or problematic behavior.

Regulations posted on official site (JP only): https://chibajets.jp/rules/

The following persons will be refused entry:

  1. Persons deemed to belong to an organized crime group or antisocial force, and persons deemed to have a close relationships with such
  2. Persons who are prohibited or refused entry by the organizer
  3. Persons who do not present a valid entry ticket when asked
  4. Persons who do not cooperate with bag inspection during entry
  5. Persons who are overly intoxicated
  6. Other persons subject to entry refusal as stipulated in the General Terms and Conditions, and persons whom the organizer deems appropriate to be refused entry
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