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Providing space and opportunity for communication with FamilyAlbum

FamilyAlbum is a service that allows parents to securely share an online album of their children’s photos and videos with only family members they’ve invited. Family members can comment on photos and videos, leaving lasting memories that the children can look back on. We’re committed to offering a service that allows family members to communicate, so we offer a browser version that’s simple to use, doesn’t require them to memorize a username or password, and can be used from their computer for family members who aren’t comfortable using a smartphone.


Apart from sharing photos and videos, users can order 8 free prints every month and have access to a variety of services that let them use their uploads to create physical keepsakes such as photobooks and New Year cards. We’ve also expanded FamilyAlbum to meet the needs of families with services that provide safety and security such as the FamilyAlbum GPS Guardian and the house call/medical care appointment app FamilyAlbum Call Doctor.
Official Site: https://family-album.com/
*FamilyAlbum Call Doctor is a service offered by CALL DOCTOR Co., Ltd.