MIXI, Inc.



Compliance Promotion System

MIXI Group has established a common Code of Ethics for all Group companies, in which the importance of compliance is emphasized. The content of the Code is made known to all officers and employees through information systems and education. In addition, we provide our officers and employees with e-learning programs on laws, regulations, and rules that are related to the execution of the Group’s business operations to improve their knowledge of laws and regulations and to raise their awareness of compliance-related issues.

We have also established an internal reporting system with a third party in order to check and prevent misconduct, including violations of laws, regulations, and the Articles of Incorporation. In addition, we have a system in place to eliminate antisocial forces from the Group’s business.

The Compliance Division has been established as a specialized department to promote comprehensive compliance-related measures and to appropriately address individual compliance-related issues associated with business promotion.

Fair Business Practices

The Group’s Code of Ethics demands fair business practices, clearly stating the prohibition of profit sharing with antisocial forces, unfair competition with business partners, bribes, and similar misconduct.

Prevention of Bribery

In its Anti-Bribery Policy, MIXI group is committed to appropriately establish and operate an anti-bribery system and to comply with relevant laws and regulations without taking any part in bribery.

Click here for our Anti-Bribery Policy.

Internal Reporting System

MIXI has established a contact point to receive reports and offer consultation regarding violations of laws and regulations, improper acts, and the possibility of such misconduct at MIXI and its Group companies.

Point of contact and users
Users: Officers, permanent employees, contract employees, temporary employees, part-time employees, and retired employees* of MIXI and MIXI Group companies, as well as officers, employees, and retired employees* of MIXI and MIXI Group companies’ business partners.”Retired employees” means (a) those who were officers (directors, ASB members, etc.), permanent employees, contract employees, part-time employees, and other employees within one year prior to the date of their report and (b) those who were temporary workers providing services to MIXI Group or our business partners within one year prior to the date of their report.
Contact: Outside lawyers (reporting may be anonymous)

The privacy of the reporter and other concerned parties, as well as the content of the report are kept strictly confidential, and appropriate measures are taken to ensure that the reporter is not subjected to unfair treatment, such as a negative change in their work environment or dismissal.