MIXI, Inc.


Addressing Social Issues

Working With the Social Networking Industry to Protect Children From Internet-Related Harm

While social networking platforms and messaging applications can be convenient and enjoyable to use, many children still encounter harmful situations online. We have been working with industry organizations to develop and implement measures to prevent problems from occurring. We are a member of the following industry organizations:

Working With the Gaming Industry to Better Protect Users

While the popular mobile game market has expanded to a market size of approximately 1 trillion yen with many users playing them in their spare time, problems and issues still occur in this industry. We are cooperating with game industry organizations to help create a safe environment for users through initiatives such as setting industry guidelines to prevent problems from occurring. We are a member of the following industry organizations:

Providing Lectures on Information Ethics in Schools and Municipalities

Use of the Internet, and especially social media, has led to many issues. It can be a way for children and students to get caught up in crime and other incidents, and it has also created a hotbed of verbal abuse, bullying and other such harmful behavior. MIXI Group is helping to establish an environment where the Internet can be used safely and securely by conducting classes on information ethics for junior and senior high school students that explain how to use social media appropriately.
In the information ethics classes, we are encouraging students to be careful to avoid posting information that could lead to misunderstanding and abuse. We are also raising awareness to prevent crime by explaining to students the risks of posting photos, such as how images of school uniforms can cause people to be identified, and that setting posts to “friends only” will not guarantee security. Through these activities we aim to empower children and students to make judgments that allow them avoid harm.

Lectures on Information Ethics

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