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Chariloto’s community contribution activities

Our group company Chariloto Co., Ltd. is engaged in the comprehensive management and renovation of keirin stadiums on behalf of local governments. Keirin contributes to local government as a source of revenue with proceeds used to improve public facilities. In addition to helping create local jobs through comprehensive management of keirin stadiums, Chariloto also engages in various community contribution activities such as disaster prevention, disaster relief, and urban development in the areas near its keirin stadiums. We will continue to contribute to regional development through the management of keirin stadiums.

Community contribution activities at the Tamano Velodrome

In 2020, Chariloto was selected by Tamano City in Okayama Prefecture for the redevelopment of the Tamano Velodrome, including the construction of a new hotel, with a grand opening in March 2022. This is the first hotel in Japan to be attached to a keirin stadium, which allows visitors to relax and watch daytime races from the comfort of their rooms that overlook the Seto Inland Sea. Tamano City provides easy access to Naoshima Island (Naoshima, Kagawa Prefecture) and other popular tourist destinations around the Seto Inland Sea, so we see many tourists base their trips around the hotel.
In cooperation with Tamano City, Chariloto and the Tamano Velodrome are actively involved in regional disaster relief, clean-up activities, and local revitalization events, contributing to the creation of a safe, trendy tourist destination.

Tamano Velodrome and KEIRIN HOTEL 10

Disaster relief for local communities

We contribute to disaster preparedness in local communities by offering places to take shelter in the event of disasters with the facilities we operate, including our keirin stadium and attached hotel. As part of local communities, we also actively participate in disaster drills and fire drills.

Participation in local clean-up efforts through Operation Clean

Tamano City periodically holds Operation Clean, a cleaning event aimed at making the city more comfortable, livable, and beautiful. Keirin athletes and employees of the Tamano Velodrome also take the initiative to clean through their participation.

Cooperation for local events

In addition to sponsoring local festivals and events, we contribute to community revitalization by dispatching Gut’s Tamachan, the mascot of the Tamano Velodrome, to event venues.

Advertising local appeal through social media

Tamano Keirin’s official Instagram account provides more than just information on keirin races and athletes. It also gives recommendations for places to go in Tamano City and showcases the people who live there.

Official Instagram account for Tamano Keirin (@tamano_keirin)

Other keirin stadiums

In January 2022, Chariloto Co., Ltd. was selected as a candidate to redevelop and operate the Hiroshima Velodrome and began the redevelopment and comprehensive management in April of the same year. Utilizing our expertise, we plan to build a space where keirin and urban cycle sports* can be united in one location, called Urban Cycle Parks Hiroshima.

*”Urban cycle sports” is a combination of urban sports and cycling and generally includes wheel-based riding sports, such as BMX, skateboarding, and balance biking. (As defined by Chariloto Co., Ltd.)

Hiroshima Velodrome (concept image of the completed stadium)