MIXI, Inc.


Risk Management

Risk Management System

The risk management promotion system of the MIXI Group is led by the President and Representative Director who is assisted by the corporate officer of risk management they appoint, as well as Compliance Operations.The chief general managers in charge of each business and the managers of MIXI Group companies give consideration to necessary risks while performing business executions as business risk owners and report relevant risk information to our Board of Directors and corporate officer of risk management.In addition, we have established a Risk Management Committee, headed by the corporate officer of risk management, to identify and assess the risks of each of the businesses we operate on a cross-organizational basis, then propose risk-reducing measures based on the results of these assessments.The Risk Management Committee regularly monitors the risks associated with the Group’s ongoing businesses and conducts preliminary risk assessments for new businesses and M&As, giving feedback to business departments and reporting the results to the Board of Directors.

Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

As preparation against disasters, MIXI Group has developed a business continuity plan to ensure the continuation of operations and early recovery of key businesses, primarily assuming the magnitude of the impact an earthquake directly beneath the Tokyo metropolitan area would have on our Group’s business locations. We hold training drills as needed with our safety confirmation system to ensure that our employees are prepared to respond in the event of a disaster. We periodically review our business continuity plan to improve its effectiveness.