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F.C.Tokyo’s Community Contribution Activities

F.C.Tokyo, operated by MIXI Group’s Tokyo Football Club Co., Ltd., is a professional soccer club which aims to be a community-based J.League club for the people of Tokyo. F.C.Tokyo is committed to contributing to the local community in the four main areas of health, education, urban development, and social cooperation.


For initiatives centered on local children, we visit elementary schools in Tokyo to promote children’s health and independence through soccer instruction (Caravan Teams). We also visit nursery schools and kindergartens in Tokyo to teach children the joy of physical exercise (Kids Patrols). For the elderly in the community, we hold annual soccer-themed calisthenics classes under the guidance of F.C.Tokyo trainers, as part of the municipal government’s measures to reduce the need for nursing care. Furthermore, we regularly hold an “Aozora Soccer School” for children with intellectual and developmental disabilities to encourage their growth through activities they can enjoy. In these classes, coaches with experience in coaching people with disabilities provide guidance, with attention given to each child’s needs.

Visits to elementary schools (Caravan Teams)

Visits to nursery schools (Kids Patrols)

Calisthenics Class

Aozora Soccer School


We have been working to confront the issue of children not being able to play outside as much due to various restrictions and event cancelations caused by the COVID-19 situation. In order to teach children how to enjoy exercising indoors, we have been working with local boards of education since 2020 to produce guidance for exercise drills, with an emphasis on physical fitness and exposure to sports. The 2022 edition is distributed free of charge to first-year public elementary school students in nine municipalities in Tokyo (totaling approximately 15,700 students), and is used as a supplementary teaching material.

Urban development

We participate in approximately 70 community events a year. In addition to hosting the popular Target Kick which has attracted more than 8,000 people, we contribute to the atmosphere of the community by giving away gifts and airing messages from our players. We also put up red and blue streetlight flags and posters advertising games with the support and encouragement of the local government and shopping associations.

Target Kick, an event popular among children

Red and blue streetlight flags

Social cooperation

 To deepen our commitment to the local community, we’ve established sensory rooms* in venues that allow anyone to enjoy watching the game in safety and comfort. In collaboration with the Tokyo Metropolitan Children’s Medical Center, we’ve also created opportunities for hospitalized children to meet players throughout the COVID-19 situation via online interactions. Furthermore, we are involved in rehabilitation activities such as out-of-hospital learning and in-hospital soccer classes in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice and Tama Juvenile Training School.

*Sensory rooms allow attendees to enjoy soccer games, movies, etc. in a soundproofed room with moderate lighting, away from the hustle and bustle.

Children watching a game in a sensory room
Online meetings between players and children in hospitals