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Promotion of Health Management

Health Management Declaration

MIXI’s mission is to create spaces and opportunities for hearts and minds to connect and aims to create communication services that surprise our users and exceed their expectations.

In order to provide exciting services and increase employee engagement and corporate value, we believe it is important to create an environment which supports the physical and mental health of all our employees and allows them to perform at their highest level.We’re working to achieve this by strengthening our industrial health system and promoting various measures to address health issues.

With the remote work structure we began using in 2020, I feel that health care has become more important than ever before. Fewer opportunities for face-to-face communication can easily bring feelings of isolation and working from home can lead to a lack of exercise.

We hereby declare that, as a growing company, we will continue to promote health management measures that maximize happiness for our employees and their families in a changing world. These efforts are led by the Wellness Promotion Group, which is responsible for industrial health.

Hiroyuki Osawa CFO, Chief of Health Management

Promotion Structure

Health Initiatives

1. Prevention and early detection of mental issues

|Encouraging awareness of physical health through one-on-one meetings
One-on-one meetings are a part of MIXI’s work culture.Communication training is conducted regularly, teaching participants how to break down communication barriers between the parties involved and encouraging supervisors to check on the physical health of their subordinates when catching up.

|E-learning (for managers and all employees)
We offer video training programs, including one titled “Mental Health Care While Working Remote”.

|Training for new managers
We provide training on all aspects of work, recruitment, and evaluation.In addition, we distribute a document called “Caring for Your Team Members”, which consolidates information on mental health care for subordinates.

|New employee training
Self-care training is provided at orientation for new graduates, as well as for mid-career recruits when they enter the company.

|Interviews with industrial physicians and public health nurses
We have dedicated industrial physicians specializing in mental health and full-time public health nurses.

    Harassment consultation service
    We have established an internal contact desk staffed by personnel and labor relations staff, as well as an external contact desk staffed by lawyers.

    |Health consultation service (general consultation)
    We have established an internal contact desk staffed by personnel and labor relations staff and an external contact desk staffed by senior industrial counselors.Subsidy support for the consultation room is established by the Japan Industrial Counselors Association.

    |Stress check
    Examinations and organizational analysis are conducted once a year.The examination can be taken at any time as a self-check tool.
    Response rate: 93.5% in 2021, 91.0% in 2022, and 89.6% in 2023
    “Highly-stressed” rate: 10.1% in 2021, 9.1% in 2022, and 10.9 in 2023

    |Follow-ups for employees on leave due to injury or illness
    Regular interviews are conducted with employees on leave and we provide support for them to return to work.
    Mental health leave rate for employees: 0.9% in 2021 and 1.0% in 2022

    |Relaxation space
    A massage room is available at the head office. (Reservation required / maximum 30 minutes per session)

    |Circles and subsidy support for social gatherings
    This policy is aimed at stimulating communication outside of work.Many employees take advantage of this policy to stimulate interaction across departments and job categories. 

    Massage room
    One-on-one meeting (example)

    2. Prevention of illness

    |Promotion of regular health checkups
    A regular health checkup is conducted between August and November each year.
    In 2021, 100% of employees in their 40s or older received a health checkup. 66.7% of employees had an appropriate BMI, and 21.9% exercised regularly.
    In 2022, 100% of employees in their 40s or older received a health checkup. 61.7% of employees had an appropriate BMI, and 26.8% exercised regularly.
    In 2023, 100% of employees received a health checkup.

    |Subsidy support for gynecological examinations
    We provide subsidies up to a certain amount for gynecological checkups in conjunction with regular checkups.

    |Specific health guidance
    To prevent lifestyle-related diseases, we share the results of health checkups and information about those who qualify for specific health guidance with the health insurance association.

    |Encouraging employees to receive follow-up examinations when recommended after initial health examinations
    A dedicated industrial physician checks the results of health examinations for all employees and, if necessary, recommends further examinations by email or conducts individual interviews.

    |E-learning (for all employees)
    We began providing training videos to help employees understand mental and physical health.
    Participation rate for courses implemented in 2023
    • Remote work and mental health: 93.4%
    • Women’s health: 92.8%
    • Line care (mental health): 90.6%
    • Psychological health: 91.5%
    • Alcohol and health: 91.3%
    • Smoking and health: 91.0%

    |Provision of information on lifestyle-related disease prevention
    Updated monthly; topics include promoting stairway use, smoking risks, etc.

    |Employee cafeteria (buffet + fixed daily menu)
    Open weekdays from 11:00 to 16:00.
    A menu with options selected by nutritionists is posted in advance, along with an example of a nutritionally-balanced meal under 500 kcal. There is also a selection of soups that help with daily servings of vegetables.

    |Morning exercise
    Videos detailing simple exercises and stretches to maintain and improve health are created, then posted and distributed on the internal portal site.

    |Height-adjustable desks and Aeron chairs
    Installed in the office. (Aeron chairs are only installed at the head office)

    |Influenza vaccinations
    In order to prevent the spread of seasonal influenza, vaccination sessions are held in company meeting rooms.

    |Information on rubella antibody testing
    Optional testing is provided with physical examinations.

    |Publicizing No Smoking Day
    Awareness activities are conducted based around No Smoking Day (held on the 22nd of each month) which was established by the Tobacco Control Medical-Dental Research Network.
    Smoker rate: 17.0% in 2021, 18.6% in 2022

    |Establishing days to promote vegetable intake
    In months with 31 days, the 31st day is designated as Veggie Day. An event is held on those days to measure employees’ vegetable intake using a Veggie Check.
    Activity Report
    Satisfaction rate: 90.9% in May 2023, 84.6% in August 2023, and ○○.○% in October 2023 

    |Conducting health seminars and events
    We offer hybrid seminars on the prevention of lifestyle-related diseases and improvement of symptoms.
    Seminars held in 2023
    • Sleep Seminar: 50 participants. 35.0% very satisfied, 60.0% satisfied
    • Mindfulness Seminar: 30 participants. 35.7% very satisfied, 64.3% satisfied
    • Oral Care Seminar: 20 participants. 25.0% very satisfied, 75.0% satisfied
    • Women’s Health Data-Driven Seminar: 53 participants. 22.7% very satisfied, 72.7% satisfied
    • Supervisor Tarzan and How To Utilize Sleep Devices – Part 1: 48 participants. 90.3% satisfaction rate

    |Self-evaluation of health and health awareness
    We began conducting employee surveys on this topic in 2022.
    Self-evaluated as “healthy”: 78.7% in 2022, 78.2% in 2023
    Self-evaluated as “health-conscious”: 47.9% in 2022, 47% in 2023

    |Understanding absenteeism and presenteeism
    We began conducting employee surveys on this topic in 2022.
    Absenteeism: 17.1%*
    Presenteeism: 66.8%**
    *The percentage above shows the ratio of employees who answered that they missed more than 3 days of work in response to the following survey question: During a 3-month period, how many workdays did you miss due to illness? 
    **The percentage above shows the ratio of employees who answered yes to the following survey question: During the last 3 months, did you have any symptoms from health problems that affected your work? 

    |EAP (employee assistance program)
    Employees can consult with a counselor such as a licensed psychologist or certified psychologist about their issues.
    Family members up to the second degree of kinship of the employee can also use this service.

    |Conducting Health Committee meetings
    Once a month, Health Committee meetings are held with Health Committee representatives appointed by each department, and the following items are discussed.
    • Regular reports (Regarding overwork, infectious diseases, occupational accidents, and workplace inspections)
    • Agenda matters (Lectures by industrial physicians and public health nurses based on yearly themes)

    Employee cafeteria
    Height-adjustable desks/Aeron chairs

    3. Initiatives to create an environment that is easy to work in and makes it easy to take time off

    |Flextime system
    Employees can adjust their work day’s start and end time as needed. The goal of the flextime system is to allow employees to balance their work and private lives, increase their sense of fulfillment, and to discourage unnecessarily long working hours. Those who work shorter hours can also take advantage of the flextime system.  Although core hours are currently set to 12:00-15:00, they have been rescinded during the ongoing trial period of full-flex work hours (started April 2023).

    |Paid leave
    Paid vacations are granted after three months of employment. Of the annual paid leave granted during a single fiscal year, up to two days worth of time may be taken through increments of one hour.
    Average paid leave used: 12.0 days in 2021 and 12.2 days in 2022

    |Reserve leave
    We have introduced a system that allows employees to accumulate up to 40 days of expired paid leave that they can use for specified reasons.

    |Marble Work style
    Marble Work blends remote and office work. The number of days employees must come to the office is determined by their department.
    We believe that allowing work style flexibility expands our employees’ housing options and allows us to adapt to the diverse lifestyles of our employees.

    |Measures to prevent unnecessarily-long working hours
    The Overtime Management Team monitors work conditions, alerts employees of overwork, and responds to inquiries.
    Employees who have worked a certain number of hours are interviewed by industrial physicians to check their physical condition.

    |Condition survey
    Each headquarters conducts a survey on organizational issues and working environment, and utilizes the requests from employees to create a better organization.

    Regarding promotion of work-life balance:
    Promoting Work-Life Balance | Sustainability | MIXI

    Health Management Awards and Recognition

    |Recognized by the Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations Recognition Program (large enterprise category)


    On March 11, 2024, MIXI was recognized for second consecutive year by the 2024 Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations Recognition Program (Large Enterprise Category), a system for certifying organizations for having excellent health management practices, established by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI).


    Specifically, the Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations Recognition Program recognizes corporations that are strategically engaged in employee health management from a managerial perspective, based on initiatives that address local health issues and health promotion efforts promoted by the Nippon Kenko Kaigi (Japan Health Council).

    We will continue to promote health management to create an attractive workplace where employees can continue to work in good physical and mental health.

    |Silver rating for excellent employee health


    MIXI registered a “Healthy Business Declaration” with the Tokyo Federation of the National Federation of Health Insurance Societies, and after evaluation of our proactive initiatives towards health management, we were awarded a silver rating for excellent employee health for a second consecutive year on December 1, 2023.
    We are dedicated to introducing further health measures that will lead to the happiness of our employees and their families.


    Healthy Business Declaration

    • 100% of employees undergo regular health checkups
    • Health checkup results are put to practical use
    • Work environment that promotes health
    • Nutrition initiatives
    • Exercise initiatives
    • Anti-smoking initiatives
    • Mental health initiatives