MIXI, Inc.


MIXI’s Initiatives

We hold many offline events aimed at users of MONSTER STRIKE and Kotodaman. We manage our events while focusing on maintaining the safety and security of both our staff and the visitors enjoying the event.

Main initiatives at DREAMDAZE

DREAMDAZE is a large-scale event where visitors can experience the world of MONSTER STRIKE and other games produced by MIXI. Formerly known as XFLAG PARK (from 2016 to 2022), the name of the event was changed to DREAMDAZE in starting in 2023.

Sale and management of admission tickets

  • Visitor management through our own online ticket sales site, MONST TICKET.

Safety and health management of visitors and staff

  • Visitor baggage inspection
  • First aid rooms
  • Pre-order system so customers can purchase merchandise, food, and beverages without waiting in line

Security and cleaning inside and around venues

  • An appropriate number of security guards stationed in each area
  • Staff entrance and exit management and vehicle management
  • Regular cleaning and disinfecting of venues

Event operation and venue setup

  • Cooperation with event operation companies and related construction companies during planning to ensure safe and secure events
  • Compliance with the Fire Service Act and fire prevention regulations
  • Compliance with the Police Act
  • Compliance with the Security Services Act
  • Compliance with the Construction Business Act
  • Compliance with the Road Traffic Act
  • Compliance with the Food Sanitation Act
  • Compliance with the event operation guidelines of venues

MIXI remains strongly committed to running events as safely and securely as possible.