ESG Library

Our group's medium-term management policy is to "enrich global communication through the combination of entertainment and technology". We aim to achieve this by improving our corporate value and focusing on ESG to make a more sustainable society.

Reference link : What is the SDGs? (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan)


Office efficiency

  • Consolidate all group company offices to improve cost, personnel, and energy efficiency
  • Achieve an eco-friendly office design

Reduce paper waste

  • Promote going paperless and recycling to preserve our forests and reduce CO2 emissions


Contribute to the community

  • As a company based in Shibuya since its establishment, contribute to the cultural and municipal development of Shibuya
  • Contribute to the growth of local regions where mixi Group businesses operate

Nurture and support the next generation

  • Nurture the next generation of experts in the field of IT
  • Carry out educational activities to help guide us toward a safe internet society

Promote sports

  • Support athletes and sports organizations to promote sports culture

Promote diversity

  • Provide a conducive work environment for each and every employee by respecting individuality and promoting diversity


Corporate governance

  • Enhance the capabilities of the Board of Directors, which serves as the company's decision-making body
  • Enhance the capabilities of corporate auditors and the Audit and Supervisory Board to monitor directors' performance of their duties

Risk management

  • Along with managing risks related to corporate functions, establish a risk management committee to manage risks to our reputation