About Social Network "mixi"

Launched on Feb 2004, "mixi" is a Social Networking Service (SNS) that allows friends to connect in a fun, convenient way. mixi users now exceed 27.1 million (as of March, 2012), and has expanded into a communication infrastructure.

About Social Network "mixi"

About Social Network "mixi"


mixi Voice (mini blog) mixi Voice allows you to update your "current" status and exchange communications with friends and acquaintances.
mixi Photo Communication tool that lets you communicate with friends and acquaintances through "Photos." Communicate with friends by clicking on the like button or adding comments to photos.
mixi Diary Enjoy communicating with friends through diary logs.
mixi Check Register and share your favorite contents (News, videos, a place, a product, etc.) with friends. "Check-in" , a GPS service is available on mobile phones and smartphones.
mixi Apps Select applications to play games or to use convenient tools and enjoy communication with friends and others.
mixi Calender Share your schedule and events with friends. You can easily invite others and have recipients RSVP to your invitation.

Social Graph

mixi Classmates A function to search your classmates from the schools you attended.
mixi Colleague Network A function to search your colleagues.


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