President's Message

The key concept for all our businesses has always been about building spaces for communication. By combining our expertise in the IT field with real world spaces, we aim to inspire communication between friends and family. Our goal to enrich the lifestyles of the future is a perfect match for the communication services that define us.

In 2004 we marked the release of the social network mixi, and in 2013 we released the smartphone app Monster Strike. Both are communication services made for friends and family to use together, strengthening bonds and bringing loved ones closer. Monster Strike and social network mixi also both encourage viral communication, leading to exponential growth for both services.

Currently, we are applying our acquired knowledge in communication services to new challenges. By bringing a fun and unique approach to a variety of fields including sports and wellness, we hope to help solve problems in modern society.

Looking back on my youth, fun involved having a good time with a close circle of friends. In my memories I was never alone-those friends and family were always around. It would be our pleasure to provide services that you will be able to similarly remember.

June 2018

mixi, Inc.

President and Representative Director

Corporate Officer

Koki Kimura