President's Message

The key goal for all our businesses is to create rich communication experiences that bring those close to you even closer.

As society grows more accustomed to the internet age, rich face-to-face communication between friends and family becomes less common.

Considering these social changes, we believe that everyone's lives can be enriched by revitalizing truly personal communication.

In 2004 we released the social network mixi, and in 2013 the smartphone app Monster Strike. Both have grown tremendously as communication services that offer close companions a place to have fun together.

With our dedication to expression and creation, we have polished our skills in both technology and the arts through the development of various services including social networks and games. Our expertise in combining IT with presentation and gameplay design gives us an edge over other companies.

Currently, we are applying our acquired knowledge and organizational capabilities to bring about an innovative business expansion that focuses on encouraging communication between friends and family in the fields of sports and wellness.

Moving forward, we will continue to provide new services in fields requiring communication.

June 2019

mixi, Inc.

President and Representative Director

Corporate Officer

Koki Kimura