President's Message

Creating new culture through the enrichment of communication.

mixi Group's medium-term management policy calls for "enriching global communication through the combination of entertainment and technology". To this end, we strive to create services with surprises that our users want to share with their friends. Our focus on the entertainment industry stems from our confidence in offering an abundance of content that delivers amazing experiences that resonate with our users.

In fields including artificial intelligence, information technology has been advancing at a rapid pace. As the world grows more technological, people have gained a greater appreciation for human connection, including communication and culture. Our group works to enrich the culture that stems from human connection.

Communication is essential for humans. In modern society, it is akin to oxygen; we could not function without it. The value we provide is all about improving the quality of this basic human need.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made people's need for communication ever more clear. As people grow restless from self-isolation, so too does their desire for entertainment that can lift their spirits.

Now is the time for us to make the preparations that will lead to significant growth for mixi Group.

August 2021

mixi, Inc.

President and Representative Director

Koki Kimura