President's Message

Creating communication services to energize Japan and the world through the combination of entertainment and technology.

mixi Group's medium-term management policy calls for "enriching global communication through the combination of entertainment and technology". We have positioned our Entertainment Business as an area of focus, and we are working to advance business in the growing mobile game and government-managed betting sports-related markets. By diversifying and establishing pillars of business in addition to Monster Strike, we aim to make our operations more stable and raise corporate value.

mixi Group is a gathering of people with a strong desire to create products and services that deliver new surprises to users and bring them joy. This includes our engineers, who willingly apply themselves in multiple fields, whether it be social media, game development, or new video-related technologies, enjoy the fascination that comes with creation, and dedicate themselves to the pursuit of original services. We will share this creative corporate culture that our people have fostered with the new colleagues who join us as our business grows, as we continue our efforts to create new communication services with the aim of sustainable growth.

The spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant changes in the global economy as well as consumer mentality and behavior. Self-isolation has made it difficult to meet friends and family, and our sense of what is normal has crumbled, placing great stress on society. This environment has reminded us of the necessity of entertainment as a way for people to relax.

Now is the time for mixi Group to energize Japan and the world through our expertise in entertainment and communication services. We will work as one to create communication services that exceed users' imagination and expectations.

July 2020

mixi, Inc.

President and Representative Director

Koki Kimura