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Health and Safety of Employees

Health and Safety Initiatives

Massage Rooms

As part of our welfare benefits program, we have two rooms where employees can make an appointment to receive a 30-minute massage by a professionally-licensed anma shiatsu practitioner. This facility has been well-received by employees for reducing fatigue and improving work efficiency.

massage rooms

Company Cafeteria

In March 2020, we relocated to a new office in Shibuya Scramble Square, and set up a company cafeteria for the first time since our founding. Without having to leave the building, employees can enjoy freshly prepared, hot, and healthy meals in a buffet style, which promotes good health and improves work motivation.

Company Cafeteria

Health Consultation Service

With the aim of maintaining the physical and mental health of employees, we provide counseling services through consultation with occupational health physicians including mental health specialists, dedicated industrial physicians, and telephone consultations.

Influenza Vaccination

The company covers the cost of seasonal influenza vaccination, so before the start of flu season employees can receive a flu shot at the company conference room at no personal cost.

Health Committee

The Health Committee is made up of company representatives and employees and meets monthly. In addition to confirming whether there has been excessive overtime or possible infections, the Committee strives to improve the work environment of our employees through input from industrial physicians, public health nurses and employees and discussions among participants based on themes set for the year.


mixi relocated its head office to Shibuya Scramble Square in March 2020.
The concept of the new office is “for communication” which is also our corporate mission. In order to realize this concept, we designed the facilities with three ideals in mind.

New Office in Shibuya Scramble Square
New Office in Shibuya Scramble Square

Three “Ups” for the New Office

  • Meet Up quickly and conveniently
  • Switch Up between work mode and relax mode
  • Dream Up new ideas in a creative environment

mixi’s new office won the New Office Promotion Award at the 33rd Nikkei New Office Awards.
The office also received the Creative Office Award.

For more information about the new office, please see the Employment Information – “Work Environment” page on our website (this page is only available in Japanese).

Nikkei New Office Awards