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Promoting Sports

We support a wide range of sports professionals from pro teams, including the Chiba Jets, FC Tokyo, and the Tokyo Yakult Swallows, to individual athletes of a diverse range of sports. With the slogan, “Share Excitement,” we continue to work with fans to better the world of sports. By doing so, we hope to create even more excitement in the sports industry by creating passionate communication that connects people.

Pro sports teams and individual athletes we support

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In February 2020 we launched Unlim, a service that would provide fans a brand new way to support pro sports clubs and athletes through “sports gifting” (i.e. donations). With Unlim, 67 to 83% of gifts raised by fans will be sent through the General Incorporated Foundation – Athlete Flag Foundation to their athletes and/or teams of choice. This is a significant step forward in solving many of the financial hurdles faced by athletes and teams wishing to take on new challenges and provide value to the world through sports.

Cheers beyond words. Support that gets to the heart.
Sports Gifting

Unlim, a sports gifting service
Unlim, a sports gifting service

Unlim is a service that allows athletes to directly receive the many thoughts and feelings that can’t be conveyed by cheering alone from their fans, or what we call: sports gifting.